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B U R Y boards


Perfect for a small intimate gathering of up to four guests.  This board will generously satisfy sweet teeth any happy hour hunger.

75 dollars

The Baby Board


A suiting snack for all your your sisters en route to your home from 5pm to 7pm.

Also fitting for a family of five & a few friends who consider your kitchen their second home. Share the satisfaction with up to ten guests.

180 dollars

The Medium Mama


Make entertaining easy with this best seller, popularly pleasing up to fifteen famished friends and family.

225 dollars

The Crowd Pleaser


The one that fills in all the blanks for your party of twenty or more.  Delivered to anywhere in the Denver Metro Area, this board is the complete crudité, and ultimate time saver. 

300 +

The More The Merrier

R O X boxes

c o m i n g  s o o n ! 

BOX or BOARD hungry for the holidays?

Drop me a line.

Or call 720.460.7047