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One-on-One Health Coaching Packages

One-on-One Personalized Health Coaching

Did you know the human body is made up of 50 trillion + cells?  These trillions of cells are going through billions of chemical reactions inside of us right now.  All of this chemistry dictates sleep, happiness, inflammation, weight, our ability to speak, our own confidence, and more.  We also have ancient mechanisms governing our bodies that are meant to support our growth, safety, and survival but do not always agree with our modern life.  When we are at peace with who we are, the quality of our life, and our purpose every day, there is a balance we naturally find with the relationship we have with our mind, body, and the fuel we need to get through everyday life.  This program is designed to identify imbalances that may be occurring in our life that could be causing the chemical reactions in our bodies to work against our dreams and desires.  Over the course of 120 days, we will meet 8 times to identify reasonable step-by-step methods for your mind and body to find harmony and optimal health. 


Corporate Wellness

Available for Group Coaching and One-on-One

As a business owner, head of HR, or manager, you have made most of your hiring decisions based on pedigree and gut-instinct.  Your hires are well-qualified and high performers who up-level your company every day.  While working 40+ hours/week, these employees go through every high and low milestone of life while they are doing their best to deliver top results in their careers.  Gym memberships, health-insurance, and salary increases are common methods of contributing to your staff's overall well-being.  However, what if your team is too busy to go to the gym, what if they recently experienced a death in their family, and what if they travel 60% of the time so it is hard for them to appreciate their new paycheck?  This program is designed to allocate a specific amount of time every week for me to visit your home office to discuss key topics to a group or work with individuals on a weekly basis who are specifically looking to improve their health, well-being and optimize their good habits to better serve themselves, your company and the future of both.

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Coaching for Athletes

High School Athletics/ Amateur Athletics & NCAA Integrative Nutrition & Wellness

As a former collegiate athlete and 11x marathon runner, I understand that health is defined much differently to those who invest in more physical challenges every day than the average human being.  Keeping your body, mind, and spirit in balance and performing at your best is a top priority from the moment you wake up in the morning.  This program is designed to optimize your macro-nutrients and blood chemistry so your teams are fully prepared for practices, game days, and life that takes place in between.  One-on-one coaching sessions are available for athletes within this program.

Do you have another group coaching request for a community not specified above you would like to inquire about?  Give me a call, and I’d love to discuss our options.

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