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3 Ways to Get Unstuck

Striving for the feeling of bliss - of being "unstuck?"  You’re not alone, I've been there, and it is typical to feel this way as we enter the colder months.  Our bodies are designed to always find homeostasis when our chemistries change with a new season.  This process does not always agree with our modern day life.  Even if you’re enjoying summer-like weather, we have spent (enter your age) years conditioning our body to make itself safe through every season.  Fall is often a time when we fall back into old habits we equally love and hate, but prefer to say goodbye to forever.

Marie Forleo says, “You can scare yourself into stuckness by assuming you have to make radical life changes in order to make progress.  You don’t.   Real change is practically invisible as it’s happening."  This is why I’m sharing three small re-considerations that will kick start better habits you love to love and want to keep around forever.

Evaluate Your Gym Membership Expense

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “We are always getting ready to live, but never living.”  I can only speak for myself when I say I love running.  For me, there are few things sweeter than hitting that euphoric state typically referred to as a “runners high” where you feel like you are at peace, you’re inspired and present in the moment.  If you’re a gym-rat, and you genuinely enjoy the treadmill, the stair-climber or the elliptical, good for you - keep it up!  My gut however tells me that most of you dread the idea of walking into the gym.  Companies like Classpass have become one of the lead competitors in the fitness space by encouraging users to switch it up and try every fitness concept out there.  Your personal choice of physical activity should bring you joy!  Apply joy based spending to your physical activity, and reconsider the $160/month you’re paying to visit the gym a few times every 30 days.  Navigate your way through what your heart truly desires by practicing this type of spending throughout other elements of your life too.  If you want more information on this philosophy visit

Identify a Free Hour to Clean Your Fridge

Maintaining your refrigerator can feel like a constant chore, but our fridge is the place in our home we visit the most.  It can also be a direct reflection on how we look at our plate - clean, messy, unorganized, inconsistent?  More importantly, a clean fridge will help you prevent getting sick, especially this time of year.  Like cleaning your closet, having an orderly fridge will create more space for you to be creative in the kitchen and also have a clear idea of what you have in inventory.  Instead of feeling like you need to run to the grocery store a few times/week, your fridge will serve as a productive resource for you when it comes to cooking a last minute homemade meal instead of going out for dinner.   Small amounts of fruits of vegetables can go along way, but only if you know you have them in stock.  When they’re hidden in the back, mold will be the only ones munching on those macro and micro-nutrients.   In Feng Shui, Bagua is a term used to evaluate your physical space.  Remember, if you’ve been reading consistently over these last few months, your physical environment has the power to motivate, inspire or physically exhaust you.  So when it comes to your clean, cool storage space, follow the rule, "when in doubt, throw it out."

Recognize How Often Your Cancel

Believe it or not poor commitment habits actually accelerate brain aging according to one of my favorite Nutrition School Lecturers and neurological experts, Daniel Amen.  We’re all human, and I’ll be the first one to admit there was a time period in my early twenties where I frequently had trouble following through.  It often had to do with financial concerns or career obligations, but I would not inform the other party until hours before the agreed upon time. These two excuses are common and legitimate reasons why your bio-individual needs may not allow for specific commitments.  They are also reasons that almost everyone understands when given ample notice.  Canceling last minute is proven to not only decrease your morale impacting your blood chemistry and stress hormones, but it also sends the message that the other party is not your priority.  Making every happy hour, brunch or meeting across town is not always feasible, so consider optimal ways to make everyone feel like they are a priority by being an expert on how to prioritize your own needs.   As a result you may even see a reduction in your anxiety, an improvement in your sleep and perhaps even more opportunities come your way!

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