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Be Your Own Health Hero 🦸‍♀️

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

It's hard to find clarity on our health goals when we are feeling physically restricted. I’m hearing quite a few paralyzing thoughts while the red tape around the world has yet to be lifted. While I strive to guide clients toward their positive path, this pandemic has simultaneously brought new challenges my way too. It’s comforting to know, we’re all in this together - so let’s warrior our way to wellness with a few tips that are always helpful to keep in our minds, bodies and spirits!

One ✨ : Make your Meals Memorable

  • Keep things cool, while you’re cooped up! Consider making an effort to get creative. Build a bowl inclusive of fruit, nuts, your favorite yogurt and steel-cut oats at night to revel in your breakfast transformation come morning.

  • Crack some pepper and drizzle some fruity olive oil on that salad while you’re soaking up the sun outside and savoring every bite.

  • Make a date with yourself, your partner or your roommate tonight by preparing not just dinner - an experience! Set the table, light a candle, pour yourself some sparkling water and that much needed glass of wine. Select a theme and turn up the tunes. Have yourself a night-out, in! Getting inventive will take your mind off the stress of the COVID-world and maybe add something new into your routine!

Two 🎧: Listen to Your Lead

If you’re feeling less than your best…ask yourself what’s holding you up. Is it a lack of consistency? Are you sleeping in too often causing you to miss that hour to yourself or your chance to workout? Have you eliminated meal planning all together? Are there certain triggers that are creating habits you’re not in love with? Are your partner’s food choices impacting your health? Promise yourself you’ll remove your own roadblocks - the balanced mind, body and spirit will fall into place when you put the right methods in place. This also means - gifting yourself help if it’s needed. Therapists, counselors, coaches are all offering virtual visits right now.

Three 🙌: Look Out for Yourself

Success has an infinite amount of definitions. Sometimes success means balancing hormones. Sometimes it means drinking more water. It may mean gaining strength or lightening extra weight on your heart. The clients who are the most satisfied with their particular success are brides, athletes and those looking to find the right patterns before a particular milestone birthday. Why? Because they have a clear vision and a deadline that is stricter than any stay at home order. As Shira Lenchewski, MS, RD says in the Food Therapist, “A substantial amount of research suggests that the way we think about ourselves in the future can seriously influence our day-to-day (food) choices.” Don’t feel estranged from your future self - get in touch with it, and your path will plot itself.

Interested in having someone help to plot your health path, visit this page:

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