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Claire Ewing: A Beacon for Brands & Founder of Fertility & Flow

If you would have asked me what my life would look like today - ten years ago, I'd probably respond by saying, "Living in New York City, working in fashion and single." Life however has a funny way of surprising us, so instead, I moved out west, found a career in health and wellness, and fell in love. It's impossible to predict the future, and along my unconventional path, I ran into a lot of uncertainties. One thing I have always known for sure however was that I am meant to be a mom. Unlike other milestones, I never experienced an itch to rush it. Between developing an unwavering relationship with my physical body, building a second career, and enjoying my marriage, my journey to fertility has become very true, very mine, and one that will take place in time - in its unique way. 

As the questions of "When are you going to have children?" became more and more frequent," Claire Ewing was one of the first few people who genuinely understood my frustration with this pressure. 

Claire became one of my first friends and favorite yoga instructors when I chose to move out west. We immediately connected on health and fitness while working for CorePower Yoga in Denver. Fast-forward six years, our passions and careers met again in the most fitting of ways. With what began as a quick catch-up run in the mile-high city's favorite jogging arena, Washington Park - catalyzed into pandora's box of ideation, collaboration, and reconnection. Claire moved to Eagle County at the end of 2019 - a move she had manifested early in her and her husband's dating days. True to form, this new Vail Valley resident properly plotted and planned this transition to include a new home (check), work (check), and community (check, check, check). She immediately began teaching yoga at a new studio and quickly grew to become a beacon for brands looking to improve their marketing. She also is exercising her unique personal fertility challenges to drive her passion project called, Fertility and Flow to help women find peace with the family planning process through yoga and empowerment. Together on July 12th, we are hosting a virtual Fertility & Flow event to create a community around the family and individualized planning process through nutrition, lifestyle, and of course - yoga!  When you first meet Claire, you see a big bright smile and a woman who wants to hear your story and embrace every single gift you were given. This is why she has seen success throughout her life, and now in helping female entrepreneurs build their brand authentically while simultaneously tapping into the strength their physical body can provide them. Visit and check out my conversation with her below to learn even more about how she might be able to help you or someone you know get their brand and body fit!

Join us for Fertility & Flow on July 12th by clicking here!

Q: Tell readers about yourself, specifically what you are doing to make an impact in the Vail Valley and beyond?

A: Sure! I'm the Founder and owner of Brand & Body Fit, based in Eagle, Colorado. I am a brand strategist, coming from a long career in brand and marketing with large corporate companies. I saw a need for people needing a better understanding of who they are and how to share their stories. I am also a yoga instructor so I focus on connection, and often that begins with the client tapping into their physical body. So, often when I work with clients we'll begin with a meditation or yoga class so they can understand who they and their brand are, and emphasize that connection. 

Q: Who is your ideal client?

A: Brand Fit: Female entrepreneurs with small to medium-sized businesses who are hyper-focused on operating their business and ready to bring in an outside consultant who can take the minutia off their plate. At this point, maybe they feel overwhelmed, so they just haven't started or they're in the discovery stage of building or re-building their brand.

Body Fit: I work with anyone looking to find their friend through their fitness journey. An authentic connection is critical in this industry. Fitness is so much more than movement, I'm a storyteller and guide who wants you to feel complete at the end of class. If this sounds like it's for you, I'm your girl!

Q: Where do you find inspiration, and new ideas - especially now with the limitations of COVID-19?

A: I find inspiration in my backyard. We moved to Eagle for a reason. The lifestyle we get to live every day is a reminder of why I want to work so hard. We raft on the weekends. I wake up and run the most beautiful trails. This inspires me to work hard for the life we want and the life I want for Blake (her beautiful two-year-old girl). 

I also am a religious and intentional journaler. Each night I:

  • Send gratitude to one person

  • Share one reason why I am grateful

  • Write down what will make the next 24 hours great

Come morning, I share one positive affirmation with myself to follow that day.

Q: If someone has a minimal budget, do you have any suggestions on simple ways they can build their brand without outsourcing?

Yes! Ask yourself why you do what you do. What feels most authentic to you! Then, check-in with these ideas and facts once per month. Allow this to be the catalyst to how you direct your brand on the go-forward.

Q: How are you keeping up your practice right now?

A: I’m an early bird. As a mom, I need to do something for myself before I am a mom. So every morning I squeeze something in.

Q: From a brand perspective, what are your clients doing right now to maintain and grow their businesses?

A: One of my clients in the valley designs baby blankets. We are focusing on the main source of revenue. We moved 100% online and created an email journey. Some are creating masks. They are all pivoting and leaning into the opportunities that are working. Some people have taken this time to focus on what they want, and think about their business model differently.

Q: How do you see the pandemic changing fitness? At home, workouts have always seemed very Richard Simmons to me.

A: I’ll always be a group fitness junkie. People like me will cherish that more than ever. Maybe they will not attend class seven days per week, but I don't believe group fitness will disappear. For anyone in the industry, the clients are out there but it's important to diversify what you’re doing. People from all over my life log on to my online classes - which is an opportunity that would have never happened without COVID. Ultimately, teaching fitness is about connection, and if you can create a connection through a screen, then you can create a connection in a classroom. 

Q; Where can people find you? 

A: - you can learn a bit more about class and brand offerings along with our workshop, Fertility & Flow. I'm @claire.ewing on Instagram.

Q: What are your prices?

A: It is dependant on the project. I work hourly and a retainer basis. My prices also vary based on goals.

Q: What else do you want people to know?

A: I am a firm believer in the mom entrepreneur, I fully see you if you are a mom. Prioritizing your marketing and your movement can make you a better mom, so get out there (or in) and move! I'd also love to meet you!

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