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Happy National Hydration Day!


In a world flooded with diet trends, fitness fads, and an oversupply of supplements the act of drinking enough water is still not given enough credit. We all know about the benefits, but I think drinking plenty of water seems almost too easy to too many. So, let me be brief and remind you that finding optimal health doesn't need to be complicated, and staying hydrated is one of the most straightforward and accessible acts of self-care we have available to us. Here are a few tips to help your habit of getting the right amount of H2O.

The suggested formula in ounces for H2O consumption: Bodyweight in pounds/2 + 8 ounces for each hour of activity + 8 ounces for every 5,000 ft of elevation.

Tip One: Do Not Wait

It is hard to accomplish anything when you are already behind. Begin your day by drinking one-third of your daily requirement. This way, your goal will feel more achievable early on. There are also theories that drinking water on an empty stomach can increase waste clearance from your system, causing you to feel better sooner in the day, leaving more room for other opportunities!

Tip Two: Choose Glass

Simply put, water tastes better out of glass. Glass does not release common chemicals like plastic, and let's face it - everything just tastes cleaner. So, do yourself a favor and make drinking water easier for you by choosing a classy glass.

Tip Three: Track It

Make drinking water fun and track your progress. Keeping up with a small plan like this has also been proven to improve your progress with separate goals. So, stay hydrated and stay in the game with any other win you have in your sight while feeling energized, cleansed, and accomplished!

Want to learn more about finding your optimal health? Set up a discovery session here.

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