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Holding onto that Holiday Harmony

With the holidays in full swing, and the new year approaching, let it be known that it is only natural to feel overwhelmed and out of balance.  There are six days less this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and you may be feeling unorganized, unhealthy and maybe even a tad bit unfriendly.  If this sounds like you, it's likely you may need to simply check in with yourself.  Remember, you are feeling like this because your body is working to protect you, and finding harmony under pressure is absolutely available for you.  Check out these holiday hints to hold onto your harmony, so you can jingle all the way into the new decade.

The First Noel. First things first.

Ask yourself, what is the first thing you do when you wake up. How do you feel? Do you kiss your partner, check your phone, or do you rush to get ready and show up at the office thirty minutes after you open your eyes. Are you eating a nutritious breakfast, or relying on takeout to fuel your day?   Catherine Lavry, Huffington Post Contributor stresses the importance of positive morning habits, stating, "We only have a certain amount of energy and willpower when we wake up each morning, and it slowly gets drained away with decisions. This is especially true if you're making hundreds of small decisions in the morning that mean nothing yet will affect how you make decisions for the remainder of the day." Now, there is a way for all of the early risers and night owls to co-exist in the world. Whether you wake up at 4am (like me!) or 8am like many of my successful colleagues and friends, the first way to find harmony is to at least make a morning routine, meaningful. So decide what a meaningful routine means to you and commit, it will be different for everyone. As a result you'll feel like you're ahead of this six day shorter race, leaving you time to check all of your lists twice!

Do Your Hear What I Hear? What's your body telling you?

If you have the disease to please, it is likely there are opportunities to improve activities that serve you, and not just everyone around you. In Marie Forleo's book, "Everything is Figureoutable, she suggests how being clear on what youneed, the better chance you have of actually doing it. She suggests that clarity equals power. In my opinion, power equals the ability to choose your harmony, and not have external forces choose it for you. Maybe you're saying yes to every friend's holiday party, maybe you're saying yes to work the day before Christmas so your co-workers don't have to. If each of these actions truly make you happy, great!  If your body cringes at the idea of saying yes to something you do not actually want, consider doing yourself a favor and say no. The clarity you will gain by opening up this space to listen to your needs will help you take control over these last few weeks of the year.

Under the Mistletoe You have healing powers too!

Did you know the first of those to ascribe to the tradition to mistletoe believed it had sacred powers including the ability to heal illnesses, protect against nightmares, and even predict the future? Since the holidays mean having many family gatherings and sometimes a surplus of your beverage of choice, remember how lucky you are to have family and indulgences around you. Despite any historic feuds, there is a tremendous amount of power in simple suggestions like a hug hello or listening rather than speaking. Similar to how mistletoe brings a closeness with romantic couples, gestures that communicate connection have sacred powers strong enough to put our blood chemistry at ease like a touch of CBD.

She'd Been Drinking Too Much Eggnog. Enjoy & be merry, but don't forget about your fruits and veggies!

This time of year is meant to be enjoyed. With six days less between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you have a smaller window of how many parties you're able to make. So think of this scenario, as how time is on your side working with you! Additionally, make it a point to get fiber rich foods in your diet so you're supporting your digestion while you enjoy the lower nutrient dense holiday treats! Consider choosing at least a salad or a smoothie once per day, or add the friendly fiber-filled avocado to any meal instead of animal protein or bread, and you'll worry way less about how much you weigh, so you can be laughing all the way.

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