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Presents Packed with Presence

Let’s face it, being or becoming well does not always feel like the most accessible option, and if your Secret Santa, sister or bestie makes her wellness-focused lifestyle look simple, chances are, you may feel stuck when deciding on a gift for them.  I will not say maintaining a healthy lifestyle is simple for me, but I’ve tried an infinite amount of options out there guaranteeing better health.  And, I’ve also created many of my own methods that have provided me with more energy, focus and overall happiness.   So, if you’re still searching for that gift for someone special who is always seeking more presence, whether it be through food, fitness or for plain fun, here are a few healthy hints that soul-seeking someone will thank you for, forever.

For the Bigger Budget

Fitness Package or Membership  Yoga, cycling and HIIT packages and memberships are becoming one of the most significant expenses that hit bank accounts every month.  Offer your friend or family member some financial freedom and gift them anywhere from one to ten classes or even an unlimited year at their favorite studio.   Personal favorites: CorePower Yoga, Orange Theory, Duality Fit (local to Denver) Silk Pajamas   Since more than 50% of Americans are sleep-deprived, wrap up the gift of a peaceful six to eight hours of zzz’s.  Chances are, they’re still sleeping in their college tee shirts and first pair of Wunder-Unders. Personal favorites: Lunya, Rails, Parachute A Massage Who doesn’t need a bit of body-work after the holidays?!  Personal favorite: Symmetry Massage (Denver only)

For the Home-Body

Candle Subscription Give the good gift of a relaxing home with a beautifully scented, handcrafted, soy-based candle.  Keep this thoughtful idea giving with a candle subscription so they’re never without the smell of comfort and peace. Personal favorite: Vella Box Candles Plants Choose a plant for your present and not only brighten up the room but also their oxygen levels. Personal favorites: Any local florist, The Sill.  Year-Round Centerpiece Allow your giftee to see your contribution to their home all year by finding or creating a centerpiece for their dining room table that displays their personality! Personal favorites: Farmgirl Flowers, Etsy, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Wayfair  Dry-Farm Wine Win them over with wine.  Many wellness junkies love to relax with a glass of wine, but often write-off the wine so they can wake up feeling great!  Choose a wine to gift with low sulfites and sugar, and they’ll so appreciate how you helped them create space to relax sans the next morning’s snooze button. Goop Glow In today’s flooded skincare industry, everyone has specific products that already work for them.  Goop Glow by Goop has all the vitamins and antioxidants you need for glowing skin, but it's drinkable and an effortless addition to your giftee's daily routine.

Produce Powered

Knives Have you ever tried cutting onions, garlic or peppers with dull knives?  If you do not cook yourself, you may not understand how dull knives can largely cut the joy out of preparing your favorite meal.  Make their meal prep experience much merrier with any of the reliable knives below.  Personal favorites: Wusthof, Shun Produce Bags Produce bags are practical, economical and essential for the plant-powered friend who makes multiple trips to the grocery store and rarely enters the center of the store.   Plenty of options here: Choose any organic cotton bag or any organic cotton mesh.   A Himalayan Salt Block Naturally sourced Himalayan salt blocks serve as a wonderful base to a charcuterie selection, and they work as a pan for veggies and Christmas cookies alike! They make any chocolate chip cookie richer and any cruciferous vegetable delectable.  Get this too: The salt has a natural cleaning component, so all they need is a quick rinse with water before going back on the shelf. Personal favorite: Williams Sonoma

Can't Decide?

Create your own Curated Box You can't go wrong combining any of the above in a carefully created curated box of all your giftee's favorite items.  Throw in superfoods like chia, lion's mane, goji berries or cacao, and see them smile through their stomach!

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