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So, You Want to Be a Runner?

Updated: May 14, 2021

3 Tips For Getting Out The Door & On To The Roads.

Next to walking, running is the most natural form of exercise we humans were intended to do. Sadly, modern-day life doesn't always cooperate with the sport's physical requirements of us. By developing strength, listening to your body, and properly fueling - almost anyone can become a runner, but it does take a little work to get started.

In the past year, I have been thrilled to see "runners" on the rise! What is better than having your gym right outside your front door sans a monthly membership plus the benefit of Vitamin D and fresh air? Coronavirus caused fitness studio closures and limited capacity, so many felt like they had no choice but to run if they wanted to work out. Some new to the sport have stuck with this natural form of exercise. Other's are back in their gyms or yoga studios. While popularity may have peaked last year, interest in becoming a runner will always be fluctuating due to its availability and low cost.

The best form of exercise is the method you enjoy the most! While running is natural to the human race, it does take time to build up the endurance to enjoy the never-ending practice. Whether you're looking to get back into the sport or you're here to experiment for the first time, here are tried and true tips to get started.

Put Your Money Against It

Depending on the length, popularity, and organization of a race, race registrations can range anywhere from $5 to $300 plus the cost of travel. No matter what you're willing to invest, this purchase holds you accountable and provides purpose on those mornings you don't want to get out of bed, or those afternoons when the allure of a cocktail dulls your inner voice telling you to lace up your sneaks.

Find the right race near you here.

Fuel to Feel Good

It's a misconception that runners can eat anything they want. Running does burn calories, but that doesn't mean runners cannot gain unwanted weight. Most runners I know love to indulge, but their everyday diet consists of mostly whole foods throughout the day that makes their runs feel like the best version of themselves, and less of a means to burn off the Cheetos they at 30-minutes before.

Are you interested in learning more about fueling for running? Follow this runner and RD's account on Instagram.

Make The Time to Make Time

Like any endurance sport, running is a heavy investment in time. To be an endurance athlete, dedication is fundamental. One cannot anticipate running once per week and expect to feel the best they can. Set aside time to calendar 30-minutes three to four times per week where you can commit to getting outside. Begin with walking if a half-hour run is out of the question. Progress to walk-runs. Eventually, once you've found a rhythm of commitment a few times a week, you'll naturally progress to a full 30-minute run. The strength required to endure this time will naturally form, and the best part will be that you'll look forward to getting out of bed to exercise! Patience, of course, is required.

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