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The Shockingly Positive Lessons I’ve Gained from Injury by Max Martins

It all boils down to this . . . It is ok to not be ok! I am well aware that I am not the person that pioneered this phrase, but to me it hits home and has allowed me to step outside of myself to gain a better perspective (or at least try to do so) and begin outlining a positive path forward for myself with my injury recovery process.

I feel that for most of us, the idea of being “ok” is a constant struggle, because realistically we simply do not know what the definition of “ok” actually is. As I have grappled with this and tirelessly racked my brain to figure out what being “ok” means, I recently discovered that instead of focusing on this ideal of “ok” my energy is much better off being directed towards curiosity, discovery, and my ambition to find joy within my daily life, relationships, and career.

Ultimately, spending my very limited & coveted energy resources on learning new things, meeting new people, and pushing myself to just do the things that I once felt were too uncomfortable to approach has been a very welcomed positive adjustment. While I feel that I still have a steep hill to climb before I achieve the joy I am aiming for, I am confident that when I unplug at the end of most daysI have given my best, positive effort & attitude to push me towards my goals.

About Max

Max is a former lefty pitcher turned runner post college baseball career, and while his day job is running the Business Operations at The Ely Center (a social cognition therapy center) he is always focused on improving his own health & wellness while enjoying life with his amazing wife and fun-loving pup!”

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