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This ONE Task Will Yield Whatever Results You're Looking For

Updated: May 4, 2021

Food conglomerates, fitness studios, and all marketers understand there is one thing Americans look for when buying into a product or service. We (I'm guilty of it too) want things done and delivered quickly.

It's why we have tried diets, purchased gym packages, and bought juicers we've used only a handful of times.

While clients may feel an improvement in how they feel when they begin working with me, health coaching is not a "reach results fast" solution. Those products I mentioned previously have a novelty that quickly wears off, and while you may see quick results, it's common to eventually fall back into former comfortable habits.


Slow changes yield the most sustainable and long-lasting results. But before those changes transpire, there is one thing that must occur first.

The one task that must take place before anyone chooses long-lasting change, is the act of identifying the obstacles that have kept them from making those changes in the past.

This is why I often say, the best good a client can buy into when they ask for recommendations for products, supplements, or diets - is getting out of their own way.

Here are a few relatable obstacles that have unwound for a few of my clients:

The Commitment Obstacle

I had a client who after careful consideration was excited about investing in a new Peloton bike. When I checked in to see when it was arriving, she had yet to purchase it. It turns out, she was scared to tears she wasn't going to use it since she had repeatedly unused or underused her past gym memberships. This conversation helped her recognize how the only impediment keeping her from exercising was the fear of failing herself.

I now often see her at the top of my Peloton feed crushing rides, core workouts, and even meditation! Her fear of failure has turned into motivation.

The Physical Space Obstacle

Another common obstacle I hear is the act of physically staying in one place. A surprising number of men and women I have spoken to feel limited by the home they occupy. One client felt disconnected and resentful toward the small town she lived in. Another client felt overwhelmed by the number of items she needed to organize, donate or throw out - it was clouding her train of thought.

In a world where it feels like normal homes and apartments are rare, recognize that your space does not need to look or feel expensive, but it should feel clean and connected to who you are! If that connection is non-existent, finding energy can be draining.

Each of these clients was scared of using their valuable time typically dedicated to working, particular hobbies, or their social schedules to clean, organize, or plan their move. Starting anything new can feel intimidating and uncomfortable, but once started, that fear is replaced by feeling refreshed and invigorated.

The Identity Obstacle

As we age, it is not uncommon to place our identity into buckets. These buckets may sound something like:

"I am a runner."
"I am a workaholic."
"I am a (name the job title)."
"I am a vegan."
"I am not a morning person."
"I am a mom."
"I am a wife, husband..."

Runners specifically are more guilty of this than many because building speed and mileage takes time, leaving little room for other hobbies or various workouts. Cross-training however can have unparalleled benefits to the runner's routine and performance. Strength workouts benefit your bones and can lessen the chance of injury. A break from running can reinvigorate your love for the sport and eliminate burnout. While you may be a runner and a great one - you are many other things too!

It's human nature to categorize ourselves. We feel a part of a community when we do this. What happens when we are too rigid with these identity buckets is that we avoid trying new things or practicing flexibility outside of them.

Do you feel like something is getting in your way of needed change? Let's chat!

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