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Whoever Your Honey, Hints For A Happy, Healthy Heart ❤️

What can I say, I love love. I’m a hopeless romantic - always have been.  I was born under the cancer sun, so I have lots of water in my spirit, meaning I can sometimes boil over with compassion. I love taking care of people and welcoming others into my home with a cozy and safe space to chat, eat and enjoy each other's company. Being a cancer also means I’m highly sensitive so I pick up on many things others often do not (and sometimes I wish I didn’t), occasionally making me want to crawl back into my shell.  One of the things I’m highly sensitive toward is why I studied and became a Health Coach in the first place. The right foods allow me to feel intentional and effective, and gain the space to give and receive love. Similar to food, my senses have been a driver of choices for a more meaningful career, helping me to foster my community by building, maintaining and repairing relationships. We all have these senses that drive us to make decisions every day.

Considering These Conversation Hearts

New moms often share how the decision to go back to work after having children makes them a better mom. My husband told me years ago how getting his dog Vince made him a better person. People take enormous pay cuts decades into their career to live out a more fulfilling life. We’ll see spouses and partners benefit from these meaningful decisions, too. Whether we are in a relationship, looking for that special someone or trying to find a softer spot for ourselves, how we choose to feed our bodies primarily and secondarily can foster more love in our lives. Love love, too? Consider these conversation hearts, and cultivate all the love one possibly can!

Heart of Gold 💛

When it comes to love, listening to what our heart wants is what every love song and rom-com has told us.  So, why don’t we feed it with what it wants too?  Avocado, salmon, blueberries, almonds, turmeric, spinach are just a few things that make our hearts happy. Not so ironically, these foods and a plethora of other options are also best for our brains.  Keeping these fruitful foods in our diets will not only result in our life’s engine running strong, but will also impact how we mindfully interact with those we love, including ourselves.

1-800 Cupid, or Confidant 💜

Confiding in someone you trust sends signals to your brain that you are safe. Whether it's your mom, sister, partner, friend or coach, signals created by having these people by your side reduce the amount of stress on your heart.  Whatever your goals are, big or small, this reduction in stress eliminates the fear your body buries into your cells to protect you. Feed yourself the gift of asking someone close to you to hold you accountable for whatever it is you have been wanting to reach. Not only will this bring you closer to this person and create a more dynamic community, but it will also make you more authentic by achieving a goal important to you, and only you. When we’re our authentic selves, we are more respected by others, connected to our values and generous by nature.

Recipe4Love 💚

Cooking is a natural form of expressing love. It helps bind us, establishing closeness and a sense of well-being. I have many clients tell me how they hate cooking, but it’s easy to start small by considering something simple like soup.  Blending ingredients such as carrots and sweet potatoes (boil them first, of course), while incorporating flavors and textures like rosemary, garlic, sea salt, and olive oil is a great place to begin. The best part is how quickly your creation is ready after simply pressing blend for thirty seconds or so. If you already love being in the kitchen, try to design your own rendition of a family favorite restaurant entrée. In addition to providing a sense of well-being, getting creative in the kitchen instills confidence and is one of the best forms of self-care, making you more available to others.

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