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With Real Estate Expert & Friend, Jenna Huelskamp

A Personal Note

Every day I wake up feeling a whirlwind of emotions — lucky, grateful, guilty, anxious. Lucky because I have a home I love to be in, a husband I love to be with, and a job I get to do without leaving my house. I also have a family - that is healthy. I feel grateful, guilty, and anxious for many of the same reasons too. As I sit here in my highlands home staring out my office window at joggers, dog moms, dog dads, and my neighbors tending to their garden - my senses tell me I’m safe, and I don’t have to look too far to find feelings of peace. Then the cycle begins again. I know not everyone has this privilege - to stay home, go for a jog, walk a dog, or sit at their desk staring through a window at a joyful street.

One Thing is for Sure

Regardless of my mixed emotions, one thing is for sure - the real estate we occupy every day is essential for our wellbeing. In fact, experts say having a space that feels safe and comfortable and brings you joy is both empowering and crucial for living a healthy and happy life.


A clean and comfortable space is proven to reduce stress, therefore having a positive effect on our endocrine system, our digestive system, our sleep, and pretty much on every cell in our body.

Since we’re all spending more time at home, I took the liberty of asking a friend with Keller Williams Real Estate to join me in sharing relevant insight on this topic. Whether it’s simply reorganizing your kitchen, or keeping a pulse on your favorite finds on Zillow, taking tips from an expert is the best way to secure the space of your dreams! 

Meet Jenna, A Realtor with Keller Williams for over a decade!Her productivity, transparency, and general industry intelligence in the real estate space are elements I greatly respect, admire, and have also looked to replicate in the way I run my business.She answered a few questions I had below!

What is your general sense on the market over the course of the next 180 Days? (Denver specific)

"The 14% of pent-up inventory that came off the market will most likely start coming back on. It is still a seller's market. The number of showings by buyers may be slow due to showing guidelines. We will see an increase in virtual showings, and the entire process will be far more intentional. It's important, now more than ever for buyers to be well-qualified before seeing a home."

What does a "clean and comfortable space" mean to you?

"Clutter in your space represents clutter in your mind." Jenna talked about the importance of keeping a tidy space for her and her family. She shared simple hacks to support a tidy home, such as cleaning your windows to bring in more light, add houseplants for cleaner air, and making weed pulling fun with the kids. She personally loves making her home clean and comfortable by lighting a candle, playing calming music, and buying herself fresh flowers every week. 

How do you foresee our current situation changing how people will buy and sell real estate in the future?

"People are paying attention to things we didn't previously pay as much attention to, such as an office area(s), a playroom for kids, flex spaces...etc" She said, "There will be more purpose behind every decision when buying a home." Jenna mentioned how the industry will move toward more virtual tours and 3D floorplans. She believes there may be more trends toward suburban purchases where there is more outdoor space and room to move.

What is your general advice for...?


  • Make sure you are well-qualified

  • Narrow down homes to "the one" before setting up a showing


  • Denver is still a Seller's market

  • Choose a great marketing plan inclusive of virtual tours, 3D tours & floor plans

  • Inform yourself of showing guidelines. Make showings effortless for Buyers.


  • Narrow down your wants & needs

  • In some situations, it makes more sense to currently rent

How has the Denver RE industry weathered crises historically? Denver is not as affected by downturns as other cities are. There will always be a desire to live in Colorado. COVID-19 will be another thing we assimilate to. 

I know you're not a designer, but do you have any suggestions on how people can elevate their homes while being financially conscious? "Consider updating kitchen appliances or improve your outdoor living space, patio, or garden. Think about a dedicated area for the kids or a fitness area. Make your own office that you enjoy working in, not a dingy office in your basement. You can always convert a shed into an office space too!" *At the bottom of this email, check out Jenna's special Quarantine Cleanse offer with her stager!

You've run a successful business for 11 years, how would you advise other Realtors and entrepreneur's to continue to conduct a living during this challenging time? I loved hearing Jenna's answer to this question. She stressed the importance of keeping a routine, getting dressed, and setting daily goals. She also suggested the "Five, five, five rule." Five: Phone calls Five: Emails or texts serving value such as an article or podcast Five: Handwritten notes 

How can people connect with you to maximize their real estate opportunities? 



Cell: 303.478.1829

She also said, "My stager and I would be happy to offer a 30-minute virtual consultation on how to "elevate" your home. Rearrange furniture, make suggestions on how to add accessories, and help with minimizing clutter in a space.  Email her here: with subject line: Quarantine Cleanse!

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