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Film for feeling your Best !

Inspiring and insightful experts share a multitude of ways to feel your best on film.


You vs. Food YouTube Channel

A plethora of videos created with a realistic philosophy around food, hosted by NYC RD, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman.


The Food Babe YouTube Channel

Vani Hari has made it her life's purpose to break down the food industry's influence and manipulation of our health.


Jay Shetty and Discipline

In this video, Jay examines the difference between the crazed monkey mind and compassionate, well-organized monk mind.


How to Make Stress Your Friend

Kelly McGonigal suggests viewing stress as a positive to reduce this nerve-wracking sensation.


Robyn Youkilis

This interview with INHC, Robyn Youkilis was conducted by the Wall Street Journal in recognition of National Health Coaching Week.


Dan Buettner & Blue Zones

Dan Buettner has pioneered "The Blue Zone Diet" to encourage holistic healthy influenced by the longest living communities in the world.


Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule

A personal story turned into a motivational movement to beat your brain of unproductive behavior.


ANTS with Dr. Daniel Amen

Dr. Amen & his wife discuss methods to relieve automatic negative thoughts that are often interrupt our wellbeing.


Ariana Huffington on Sleep as a Performance Enhancement

Ariana Huffington discusses the epidemic of sleep deprivation and the innate long-term benefits of rest.

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